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Global Security Services.

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W.S.S.A. Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training is a leading integrated solutions provider for government agencies, police, law enforcement, military and commercial customers worldwide.

Krav Maga Competition.

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The World Federation of KRAV MAGA is the first to develope Krav Maga skills for competative fighting while Krav Maga form of fighting stays intact and in its original traditional technique. Learn here more about Krav MAga Competitions .

Welcome to the World Security and Self-defense Academy.

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We Are a professional organization that instructs, trains and provides combat equipment for security organizations and operatives working in the security and protection sectors. The Academy has all the required permits and authorizations issued by relevant governmental offices. Graduates are awarded a certificate recognized by countries and security organizations around the world which enables them to operate in their own countries in the specialties they trained in.

Training Facilities of W.S.S.A.

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The Academy provides expert, professional and practical solutions that cover a huge range of operational needs. Its expertize has made the World Security and Self-defense Academy the preferred choice of military establishments, police forces and private security companies around the world.

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The World Security and Self-defense Academy led by a team of world renowned experts, stands out from all other organizations. The team combines innovative and up to date techniques and years of accumulated field combat experience into the Academy’s advanced programs.

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